Carl Webster  - Relationship Counselling, Psychologist and Psychotherapist   0424 650 630
"Carl is a gifted psychotherapist able to understand the developmental
needs of his clients and make healing contact"
Dr Richard Erskine Training Director of the Integrative Psychotherapy
Insititue (Canada, USA and Europe).

I've read that the most important thing in therapy is finding a counsellor
who makes you feel understood, respected and cared about. Carl is that
type of therapist. I never feel as if he's just spouting techniques from a
manual. He doesn't avoid emotions or treat them like something you
need to rationalise your way out of, as so many therapists do these days.
Instead he helps you get in touch with and learn to live with your feelings,
as well as looking at where they came from i.e. childhood issues. I would
recommend him to anyone needing a good therapist
Jen (review from TrueLocal)